Monday, October 17, 2016

Harefooted Halloween: Ghost

Image result for ghost 1990What I Liked: There’s so much more to this movie than the famous pottery sex scene.  It’s actually about vengeance, conspiracy and a wacky psychic with a brassy dame attitude.  Some parts had me laughing out loud.

Tony Goldwyn (Kiss the Girls, The Mechanic (2011)) is great at playing a sniveling, conniving asshole.  His face is very punchable and I wanted to take a good healthy swing at it.  Great performance!

And of course, true love never dies.  Right on.

Image result for ghost 1990What I Didn’t Like: Patrick Swayze’s (Dirty Dancing) acting is kinda bad a lot of the time.  In so many scenes he’s supposed to have this utterly shocked/apoplectic expression but instead he looks like he’s about to cry and/or take a shit.

Demi Moore (Nothing But Trouble) does a fine acting job with being so distraught all the time but her character is pretty one note.  She’s broken up over Swayze’s death and there’s nothing more to her.  She’s really uninteresting.  But I don’t think it’s Demi’s fault, I think it’s just the way the character was written.

Image result for ghost 1990Overall Impressions: Ok, this was sort of a joke movie I put on here for Halloween but it was way darker than I had anticipated.  I was expecting a romance picture between a human and a ghost and not a thriller about who killed Swayze and why.  The film is definitely cooler than what I was led to believe all these years.  There are even these creepy shrieking evil spirits that come up from the ground to take bad souls to hell.  And one death in particular is gruesome with a guy getting impaled by a broken glass window.

What a surprise from Jerry Zucker who did Airplane! and produced the Naked Gun movies.  This is a decent thriller and certainly a choice for those that feel like they should do something for the Halloween season but don’t really like horror movies.  Just get some tissues ready and a big ol’ block of clay.  You’ll need both.

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